8 November 1970
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1911s, 2nd amendment, 7-seconds, agnostic front, ak-47, ak-47s, akira kurosawa, another man's poison, ant-zen, aqua teen hunger force, ar-15, ar-15s, armalite, avengers, bad brains, bad religion, baseball bats, black flag, blue velvet, bohse onkelz, brass knuckles, buck owens, burden of proof, bushmaster, captain america, carnage, carnivale, cats, cervello elettronico, clive barker, clock dva, cockney rejects, cocksparrer, combat 84, condemned 84, consolidated, cro-mags, dag nasty, daleks, dead kennedys, deadwood, death before dishonor, dogs, dr. who, dropkick murphys, dvt, face to face, family guy, fantastic four, fear, fear factory, felix, force of nature, frank black, g.b.h., godflesh, gorilla biscuits, green arrow, green lantern, guns, hank thompson, hatebreed, henry rollins, hive records, hour of the wolf, ice cube, industrial strength, iron man, jfa, jimmy cliff, killing joke, kimber, kings of nuthin, knives, kraftwerk, law & order, law-rah collective, lizards, magneto, marshall tucker band, marvel comics, mastodon, metropolis records, mike ness, mossberg, motorhead, murderer's row, muted logic, naked raygun, navicon torture technologies, neurosis, nick cave, nyhc, nypd blue, oz, pabst blue ribbon, pelican, pennsylvania, pistols, pitbulls, pittsburgh, pop will eat itself, ptr-91s, quicksand, ray price, remington, rescue me, revenge, rifles, rollins band, russ meyer, rza, sam cooke, sepultura, sex pistols, shotguns, sig sauer, skinny puppy, snake eyes, snakes, social distortion, sopranos, spider-man, springtoifel, stg, suicidal tendencies, synapscape, terrorfakt, the business, the exploited, the punisher, the shield, the traditionals, the undertaker, the young ones, third watch, this morn omina, token entry, tonikom, tool, tribes of neurot, turbonegro, ultimates, van halen, venom, walther, wolverine, wu tang clan, x-files, x-men